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Who we are

Sardegnavini is love for our land, search for the best labels and high professionalism.

We are a company that has been operating in the food & beverage sector for five generations, and which today is a point of reference for the wine range of our island.

It was 1965 when Giuseppe Mattana created a company for the trade of carbonated drinks. The evolution took us until 2014, when we created our online space Sardegnavini to distribute the best Sardinian wine labels through our e-commerce.

We are aimed at enthusiasts and connoisseurs, those who want to eat a dish accompanied by a good glass and those looking for labels that evoke places and memories. We are the choice of those who want to travel through aromas and scents, who rediscover the territory and the work of the producers in a glass.

It is precisely those who produce the wine that we think about before inserting a label on our shelf. We want to enhance their commitment and effort in the fields, dictated not only by the choices in the vineyard and in the cellar, but also by the uncertainty that nature provides and which they are able to transform into opportunities.


Authenticity and Territoriality

In every glass, in every bottle and in every label, we seek the primary value that guides our work: authenticity, which for us means selecting only the producers who best represent Sardinia. Wines capable of describing the terroir with every sip. Quality and craftsmanship are the elements that represent our work, in a continuous growth that leads us to evolve and improve.

History and Research

The story we tell is that of our past and our land. Behind Sardegnavini there is the commitment of a family that has always believed in the wine sector, investing to turn their passion into a profession. We look for labels that show the character of the territories from which they come and the work of the producers who, often for generations like us, have carried on the history of our land.

Efficiency and professionalism

We put the same attention we put into label research into the service we offer to those who enter our virtual wine shop. From the moment of choosing a bottle to delivery, Sardegnavini offers assistance, support and privacy. Are you undecided about which bottle to choose? Contact us to be guided by our team.


Behind Sardegnavini is the Mattana family. We are Romeo, Martina and Pierluigi.

Romeo, 61 years old

I have been working in this sector for about 40 years. It is my world and my greatest passion which is now part of me. I am Sardinian and I love this land, and this is why I have embraced the cause of enhancing the products it offers us. I travel to our island to meet the winemakers and I am fascinated by our raw materials and their history and origin. This is why I founded Sardegnavini: together with my children Martina and Pierluigi we want to convey our land through the labels of my online wine shop.

Martina, 30 years old

I am a tourist operator and, during my studies, I had a dream: to combine the family business with my desire to make Sardinia known. It was right in front of a glass of wine that, with my brother Pierluigi and father Romeo, we decided to bet on Sardegnavini, adapting in 2014 to the evolving market. A lot of training and professionalism, together with a good dose of creativity, are the ingredients that have allowed us to improve and make ourselves known.

Pierluigi, 24 years old

Land and product. These are the two elements that guided me towards the love for this sector. I grew up among the vineyards and sinking my hands into the earth to play. After studying hotel management and working in the restaurant sector, I decided together with my father Romeo and my sister Martina to take over the family business to realize the common dream of a project that reflected us and that allowed us to tell our island through the quality of the labels chosen for our online wine shop.