Terms of service

Terms of sale

The online sale by SARDEGNAVINI is governed by the Italian legislation in force relating to mail order sales with the right of withdrawal.

Each order sent constitutes explicit acceptance of the supply rules and conditions and authorizes SARDEGNAVINI to charge the customer the total amount, including the contribution for shipping costs.

The products will be delivered throughout the country by express courier.

The data provided by the customer at the time of the order will be included in the invoice. The invoice is issued simultaneously with the departure of the products and is sent electronically to the email address indicated by the customer. No changes will be possible after the invoice has been issued .

The wording 'available' at the time of the order is purely indicative for exceeding the stock or for the possibility of multiple purchases at the same time by multiple users. For this reason SARDEGNAVINI reserves the right, once the order has been received, to check availability and, failing that, notify the customer by e-mail. The customer can decide whether to wait for the missing item, replace it or exclude it from the order.

The delivery times of the goods are indicative and are subject to change without notification.

Product Warranty

In case of lack of conformity SARDEGNAVINI provides for the restoration of the conformity of the product by repair / replacement, carried out directly by the manufacturer or by the assistance centers authorized by the same and present in the territory. In the event that, for any reason, SARDEGNAVINI is unable to return to its customer a product under warranty (restored or replaced ito), SARDEGNAVINI may proceed at its discretion to return the entire span> amount paid or replacement with a product with equal or superior characteristics.

Repairs or replacements may also take place with parts or products not necessarily the same as the defective products contained in the original supply, but in any case equivalent or superior to new parts and products in terms of functionality, performance and aesthetics.

The warranty covers only manufacturing defects and non-conformity of the product. With the exception of the replacement of defective and non-compliant products, SARDEGNAVINI assumes no responsibility for direct and indirect damages that may derive from the use, even if improper, of the product by the recipient .

All product shipments will be returned to the sender, at his expense:

  • Not including original packaging, accessories and forms

  • Received with unsuitable or inadequate external packaging and therefore damaged during transport transport

  • The warranty does not cover damage due to the non-use of the original packaging and adequate packaging external safety protection not authorized by the service center.

    If the product is tampered with or the labels identifying the serial number are removed or tampered with, SARDEGNAVINI reserves the right to judge the validity of the guarantee.

    Attention! The product warranty remains completely unchanged with effect from the date of purchase.

    Attention! The costs for the replacement of the product are borne by SARDEGNAVINI, in the case in where however the reported anomaly does not exist or the guarantee is no longer valid for any reason / span> at the time of sp edition, a flat rate shipping cost of € 30 will be charged.

Right of withdrawal

The customer can exercise the right of withdrawal in compliance with Legislative Decree 206/2005 in the following ways and terms:

The consumer must express the willingness to withdraw from the purchase within 14 working days in starting from the receipt of the goods, this communication must be anticipated by mail electronic ( or fax (to +39 3395419229) as long as confirmed by registered letter with return receipt within 48 hours.

The return must be made, at the same time, within 10 working days from the receipt of the merchandise. and at the following address:


provided that:

  • the products have not been used or damaged;

  • the returned goods must arrive intact, complete with all accessories and labels and in its

    original packaging intact;

  • the returned goods are accompanied by a document indicating the number and date of the

    invoice for the product;

  • the transport of the returned goods is at the expense of the buyer;

  • is entirely the responsibility of the Customer for the loss or deterioration of the returned goods.

The reimbursement of the sums paid will take place as soon as possible and in any case within 30 days of receipt of the notice of withdrawal. The sums relating to shipping costs and any cash on delivery costs are excluded from the refund. In the case of a product sent with free shipping, the cost of standard shipping will be deducted from the refund.

The amount relating to the returned goods will be sent to the customer by bank transfer, upon communication of the bank details by the customer. In the case of payment through Paypal or Credit Card, the sums will be refunded by the same means.

The contents of this document may be subject to changes in the future when SARDEGNAVINI modifies or deletes the characteristics of its services and products.

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