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Red Myrtle Monte Arcosu

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Mirto Monte Arcosu comes from the myrtle bushes surrounded by the centuries-old woods of Monte Arcosu, one of the most beautiful WWF oases on the island.

Here the myrtle trees grow spontaneously and the Red Myrtle is born from the selection of the best berries. The berries are left to infuse in alcohol to macerate for a long time.

In this, anthocyanins, responsible for the colour, and polyphenols, including tannins, responsible for the natural astringency of this product, are released.

This phase is followed by the addition of the water and sugar solution, to make the myrtle less alcoholic and sweeter and softer.

It has an alcohol content of 32% vol.

70 cl format.

4 Mori Brewery

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