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Biriai Cannonau Nepente Rosato 2021

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The Nuragic Village of Biriai is located on a vast hill that ends with a plateau called "Sa Sedda", i.e. "the saddle". This complex is characteristic because it presents two distinct cultural phases: the plateau, inhabited in the pre-Nuragic phase of Monte Claro (2200-2000 BC), and the northern sector, which attests to intense frequentation from the Nuragic Age to the Roman Age. The excavations conducted in 1979 on the hill made it possible to highlight the residential structures of the Copper Age village with a megalithic sanctuary and a group of twelve menhirs, of which only two are still standing.

GRAPES Cannonau



Vineyards of approximately 15 years old trained with spurred cordon in organic management on granite weathering soils, located at the foot of Mount Corrasi.


The free-run must is left in contact with the skins for approximately 12 hours, after which it undergoes fermentation at low temperatures.


Color: intense cherry pink with light pink nuances.
Perfume: the floral notes of rose and the fruity notes of cherry are immediately expressed on the nose.
Taste: fresh, young, well balanced.


Excellent to accompany the typical products of the Sardinian territory, such as cheeses and cured meats.

4 Mori Brewery

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