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Biscottificio Corronca

Mixed Sardinian Sweets 500gr

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Mixed Sardinian Sweets 500 gr Corronca Biscuit Factory

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AMARETTI Amaretto is undoubtedly one of the most popular Sardinian desserts. Made with a paste made from almonds and sugar, the precise baking gives the amaretto its typical golden color and the perfect balance between sweet and bitter.

Ingredients: sugar, almonds (45%), eggs and/or egg derivatives, water, flavourings);

GUEFFUS This dessert is one of the most characteristic of the Sardinian tradition. Inside the classic colored casing there is a praline made of almond paste characterized by the combination of liqueur and citrus aromas, all wrapped in a light layer of sugar.

Ingredients: sugar, almonds, water, orange blossom water, liqueur, flavourings;

PIZZICHI Typical traditional Sardinian dessert, composed of a soft almond paste lightly flavored with citrus fruits which differs from the Sardinian amaretto due to the absence of a bitter tone.

Ingredients: almonds, sugar, eggs and/or egg derivatives, “00” soft wheat flour, orange blossom water, liqueur, yeast (sodium acid pyrophosphate (E450i), sodium bicarbonate (E500ii), corn starch ), flavourings, preservatives (sorbic acid E200), vanillin.

TRONCHETTI Tronchetti are obtained from a mixture of hazelnut flour, almonds and dried raisins, flavored with a mix of spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and star anise.

Ingredients: Sultanina (sultanas, non-hydrogenated cottonseed oil, almonds, sugar, eggs and/or egg derivatives, hazelnut flour, durum wheat semolina, water, cinnamon), tasty (coriander seeds, cinnamon, caraway seeds , cloves, nutmeg, star anise), flavourings, vanillin);

PAPASSINI The name papassino derives from "papassa" which in Sardinian means "raisins", a fundamental ingredient in Sardinian tradition. This dessert is made from a combination of walnuts, almonds, raisins and aromas such as nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla to which sapa is added, a typical ingredient of the Sardinian tradition obtained by cooking honey.

Ingredients: type “00” soft wheat flour, sultanas, non-hydrogenated cottonseed oil, sugar, lard, eggs and/or egg derivatives, almonds, walnuts, water, sapa, sodium acid pyrophosphate yeast E450i, bicarbonate sodium E500ii, wheat starch, tasty (coriander seeds, cinnamon, caraway seeds, cloves, nutmeg, star anise, flavourings, vanillin;

DONUTSClassic and crumbly lemon-flavoured shortcrust pastry, covered with a crunchy granulated sugar crust, ideal for everyday breakfast.

Ingredients: grains (type “00” soft wheat flour, sugar, lard, eggs and/or egg derivatives, water, sodium acid pyrophosphate yeast E450i, sodium bicarbonate E500ii, wheat starch, flavourings, vanillin. Allergens: Fruit shells, Eggs and derived products, Cereals containing gluten. May contain traces of milk and derived products; sulfur dioxide.