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Bresca Dorada

Filu'e Ferru Grape Brandy Bresca Dorada

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Fil'e Ferru liqueur is a Sardinian product that speaks of tradition and legend.

Artisanal distillation was widespread in the peasant world. However, it was a practice prohibited by law. It was therefore customary to bury the "body of the crime" tied to a wire that signaled its presence in a discreet way.

This liqueur is born following ancient rules that guarantee the birth of a quality product. Bresca Dorada has selected this brandy, obtained from the distillation of Sardinian pomace, with a soft and velvety taste with delicate floral scents.

It is recommended to accompany it with chocolate, Sardinian amaretti, sebadas.


It has an alcohol content of 40% vol. Format of 70 cl.