Cantina del Mandrolisai

100 Kent'Annos Mandrolisai Superiore

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Kent'annos is the first line of wines that the Mandrolisai winery has dedicated to its territory. It is now also known for the extraordinary presence of a large number of centenary people. Based on the many researches, the elements that make up this extraordinary longevity are the territory, the serenity, the food. But a fundamental component of the nutrition of these lucky centenarians, or almost centenarians, is wine. GRAPES Cannonau, Muristeddu (Bovale Sardo), Monica ALCOHOL CONTENT 14.5% ORIGIN Vineyards owned by the winery located in the Terre del Mandrolisai, medium, high hill. PROCESSING AND AGING Submerged cap maceration, aging in oak barrels for 24 months, bottle aging. FEATURES Color: ruby red tending to garnet Bouquet: intense and fruity Taste: dry, savory, warm, full, rightly tannic, balanced, well structured FOOD PAIRINGS Excellent when paired with land appetizers, important first courses, game and red meats in general, aged pecorino.