Bresca Dorada

Vermouth Bresca Dorada

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The word Vermouth originates from the presence in this flavored wine of a percentage of Absinthe, which in German is called "Wermut". The addition of herbs and spices was already common in ancient times. Already the ancient Romans used to add aromatic extracts such as laurel and myrtle to wine.

Vermouth Bresca Dorada comes from a blend of Nasco and Malvasia from Campidano di Cagliari and the addition of wild herbs, such as myrtle and helichrysum, together with different varieties of citrus fruits from Sarrabus. This Vermouth is sweetened with a very low percentage of sugar, excluding the use of caramel, colorings or added flavourings.

Excellent to enjoy as a smooth aperitif with the addition of orange or lemon zest. It can also be used as a base for making aperitifs and cocktails.

It has an alcohol content of 19% vol. 75 cl format.

4 Mori Brewery

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